Indian and Chinese singers 印度及中国歌手

Omkarnath Havaldar

出生于音乐世家,启蒙于作为北印度古典音乐界著名声乐歌手的父亲Nagaraj Rao Havaldar博士,后师从Kiran流派元老级人物Pt. Madhava Gudi以及Atrauli Jaipur流派的Pt. Panchakshari Swami Mattigatti,并集两者之大成。目前,他正师从Pt. Indudhar Nirody学习Dhrupad及Khayal声乐流派。他获得音乐硕士学位,并曾获得卡纳达地方与卡纳塔克邦文化部共同设立的Kishora Pratibha Puraskar奖(2000年)。他曾在许多国内外享有声誉的舞台上一展歌喉,如美国的耶鲁大学、芝加哥音乐中心、以及于中国及香港举办的「萨赫特.萨赫特」音乐会。

Omkarnath Havaldar was born into a family of musicians, and was initiated into Hindustani classical music by his father Dr. Nagarajrao Havaldar, a well-known Hindustani classical vocalist. He was trained under masters like Pandit Madhava Gudi of Kirana Gharana and Pandit Panchakshari Swami Mattigatti of Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana, and is fortunate to inherit the finest nuances of both the Gharanas. He is now pursuing his training in Dhrupad and Khayal from Pandit Indudhar Nirody. Having done his MA in Music, he is also a recipient of the Kishora Pratibha Puraskar instituted by the Government of Karnataka (2000). He has performed all over the USA, at Yale University and the Chicago Center of Music, and at concerts in China and Hong Kong through Saath-Saath.

Rutuja Lad

于五岁起接受其父母Tanuja Lad及Umesh Lad的音乐启蒙教育。后来她师从北印度Jaipur-Atrauli流派的重要传承者Gaanyogini Dhondutai Kulkarni直至这位大师于2014年过世。她也在Shri Sudhir Nayak门下学习印度手风琴,以及在Ashwini bhide Deshpande博士门下接受指导。她曾于享有声望的音乐机构中进行过演出,包括Dadar Matunga文化中心、Bhavans文化中心、Hridayesh艺术中心、INT Aditya Birla演艺中心、Suburban Music Circle及Gaanyogini Mahotsav。 Rutuja于SNDT女子大学获得音乐硕士学位,并以访学身份在该大学音乐系研究生部工作。她曾于中国及香港举办的「萨赫特.萨赫特」音乐会中演出。

Rutuja Lad was initiated into music by her parents Tanuja Lad and Umesh Lad when she was 5 years old. Later, she started learning from Dhondutai Kulkarni of the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana and was under her tutelage until she passed away in 2014. Now she studies with Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande. She also learns harmonium from Shri Sudhir Nayak. She has performed at prestigious events organized by the Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre, Bhavans Cultural Centre, INT Aditya Birla Centre of Performing Arts, Suburban Music Circle, Gaanyogini Mahotsav, etc. She has completed her M.A in music and stood first in the S.N.D.T University music department. She is presently a visiting faculty member of the Post- Graduate Music department of that University. She has performed all over China and Hong Kong through Saath-Saath.

Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy

印度的歌唱家、作曲家及平面设计师。她同时接受卡纳提克和印度斯坦音乐的训练,但也热衷于探索古典训练以外的音乐形式及文化传统。这形塑了她充满自信的个人色彩。她的首张音乐专辑《Suno Bhai》是和Vedanth Bharadwaj联手合作。她曾于电影及纪录片制作中担任音乐指导,包括《Harikatha Prasanaga》、《Nathicharami》、《Sethumaan》、《Brahmi》、 《Conversations at the Kumbh》、《surey number zero》及 《Coral Woman》。她曾和Vedanth共同担任泰米尔语电影《Aruvi》的音乐指导。 Bindhumalini参与的项目包括《The Threshold》、《Khusrau ke rang》、《一个无法讲述的故事》(Akatha Kahani)及「萨赫特.萨赫特」项目。她曾为电影《Nathicharami》作曲及演唱,并凭此获选为第六十六届印度国家电影奖「最佳女性演唱者」。

Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy is an Indian singer, composer, and graphic designer. Bindhu has training in both Carnatic and Hindustani classical forms but has constantly strived to explore other forms and traditions outside of her strict classical roots. This has given form to a more easy yet confident personal style for her as a performer. Suno Bhai is her first music album created in collaboration with Vedanth Bharadwaj. She directed music for feature and documentary films such as Harikatha Prasanaga, Nathicharami, Sethumaan, Brahmi, Conversations at the Kumbh, surey number zero and Coral Woman. She and Vedanth co-directed music for Aruvi, a Tamil film. Bindhumalini is part of collaborations like The Threshold, Khusrau ke rang, Akath Kahani and Saath-Saath. She won the 66th National Award and Filmfare Award as Best Singer for the songs she created and sang in the film Nathicharami.

Zhe Lai



Zhe Lai is a vocalist coming from Hexi in Gansu Province.

She was trained as a traditional folk singer. Nourished by the traditional, yet very authentic and original national culture of China’s northwest, she gradually found her own original way to express herself by collaborating with a wide variety of creative artists. Then she decided to become a Sound Explorer exploring the multiplex possibilities of vocal music, succeeding in redefining everything she has learned with her voice. She is an indispensable member of the Saath-Saath ensemble.

Instrumentalists & Lyricist 器乐及填词

Ip Kimho

2004年在英国爱丁堡大学获音乐学博士学位。 2011年和2014年他受邀到德国柏林自由大学的交织表演文化国际研究中心中担任访问学者。他是一位活跃的扬琴演奏家,并多次与荷兰萨克斯風演奏家Filip Davidse在默片制作中合作。他曾在爱丁堡国际艺术节和伦敦皇家歌剧院科文特花园演出。他曾受邀在英国、德国和中国的北京大学进行客座演讲。

Kimho studied in music and received his Doctor of Philosophy in 2004 at the University of Edinburgh, the United Kingdom. In 2011 and 2014 he has been invited to be Research Fellow at the International Research Centre, Interweaving Performance Culture at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Kimho is active in playing the Chinese dulcimer (Yang Ch’in), especially performing with the dutch saxophonist Filip Davidse in silent films. Major performances include appearances at the Edinburgh International Festival and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London. He has been invited to give guest lectures in the UK, Germany as well as the Peking University in China.

Zhang Yi

章益,琵琶演奏家、古筝演奏家、歌曲作者、中国传统器乐编曲。毕业于上海音乐学院民乐系,并获琵琶表演艺术文学学士学位,古筝表演艺术专科毕业证书。2008年受英国环球唱片公司邀请,参加BBC WORLD MUSIC AWARD的颁奖全球直播音乐会,以及2008至2012年全球巡演;在环球唱片期间,还参与编配萨顶顶《天地合》、莫文蔚爵士专辑等的琵琶和古筝演奏曲谱。2011-2015年期间,章益成为中国第一支真正意义上的雷鬼乐队龙神道特邀古筝演奏家,并随乐队世界巡演至新西兰、韩国和加拿大。他曾获大阪第九届“长城杯”国际音乐大赛金奖等国内及国际奖项,创作过作品《微风精灵》(琵琶与打击乐作品,2003于独奏会)、《弄堂》(与Marc Mean合作,2015于Soundcloud发表)。章益的音乐创作中也融合了跨界、爵士、印度传统音乐、中国民族传统音乐、迷幻电子、Ragga等风格,代表作有《Green Tara》(Youtube发表)、歌曲《境界》和道教音乐作品《太乙下凡》(台湾发表)。

Zhang Yi is a musician, professional Pipa and Guzheng player, composer and Chinese instrumental music arranger. Graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he holds a Master of Arts in Pipa performance and had Guzheng performance as his second major. Influenced by various music genres as well as his overseas experience, Yi Zhang’s music includes elements ranging from Jazz, Indian folk music, Chinese folk music, electronica, and Ragga. 

After joining Universal Music in 2008, Yi has participated as a Pipa and Guzheng player in numerous productions, including: Sa Ding Ding’s album “Harmony” (2010), produced by Marius de Veries; and Karen Mok’s jazz album “Somewhere I Belong” (2014) produced by Ross Cullum. Yi worked with the Swiss jazz pianist Marc Mean as piano and Pipa duo and published “Long Tang” (Alleyway, 2014).  His solo album “Light through the Clouds” was published in 2015. 

Chow Yiu-Fai


CHOW Yiu Fai is Associate Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University. His publications cover gender politics and creative practices, including Caring in the Time of Precarity and Sonic Multiplicities (co-authored). Chow is also an award-winning writer in lyrics and prose.

Past Collaborators 过往合作

Feng Lin


Qian Yin


Joyce Tang

Joyce TANG was awarded an Asian Cultural Council fellowship in 2017. She received her master’s degrees in both composition and electro-acoustic music at Hong Kong Baptist University, and her PhD in musicology at The University of Hong Kong. She is currently teaching at The University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her works span orchestral, chamber, solo, vocal, choral, electro-acoustic, and theatrical genres, many of which have been jury-selected and featured in major festivals and conferences. Tang’s works were published on several CDs, including the “Fleeting Realms” on Navona Records, “Orchestral Masters Series Vol. 1” and “Millennial Masters Series Vol. 2” on Ablaze Records, and “ICMC CD” on October Music.

Mitche Choi

Mitche Choi (Chin Shan) is the apprentice of renowned Cantonese Opera performers Man Chin Sui and Leung Siu Sum. First exposed to Cantonese Opera at the age of 12, participating in shows in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Singapore, in 2017 she graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a degree in Cantonese Opera. She is currently a member of the Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe at HKAPA.

Natalie Yuen

Lalith Rao

Lalith Rao是继承北印度Agra-Atrauli流派传统的音乐大师。她从报酬丰厚的理工科工作中转行,师从Agra-Atrauli流派元老Khadim Husain Khan大师,并成为顶尖的表演艺术家。她有超过30年的演出经验,在印度全国各地各种重要的音乐活动上都曾献唱,同时也在美国、加拿大、英国和欧洲大陆展开过巡回演出。她多年来在全印广播电台及各地电台和电视台进行演出及试音评审。她参与了华盛顿大学民族音乐系档案计划,演绎了数百首传统拉格和Agra-Atrauli作品。她为加尔各答Sangeet研究院的福特基金会档案计划担任了两年的首席协调员,期间她录制了不同音乐风格的前辈大师对传统拉格作品的演绎。她还通过印度国内的HMV、索尼音乐等唱片公司发行了十数张大受欢迎的专辑,伦敦的Navras Records和巴黎的Ocora Radio France也发行过她的作品。近期,她与学生一起在班加罗尔、孟买等地组织了追溯Agra流派历史和演变的教学演出,大受业内人士赞誉。尽管由于嗓音问题,她已经不再举办公开音乐会,但她定期举办教益丰厚的演讲和讲座,并向有才华的学生传授纯正的Agra-Atrauli音乐传统。她曾获得多家顶尖音乐机构颁发的终身成就奖。也进行相关领域的写作。

Lalith Rao is the doyenne of the illustrious Agra-Atrauli Gharana. Leaving behind a lucrative engineering career, she took to Hindustani classical music as a full-time pursuit and became one of its ace performers. She was groomed by Ustad Khadim Husain Khan, the acknowledged doyen of the Agra-Atrauli Gharana and one of the finest teachers of the last century. She has been a regular concert artiste for over three decades and has performed in important musical events all over India and undertaken several concert tours of the US, Canada, UK and Continental Europe. She is a top grade artiste of the All India Radio and has regularly performed on radio and television for many years. She rendered several hundred traditional Ragas and compositions of the Agra-Atrauli Gharana in a unique Archival Project for the Ethno-Musicology Department of the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. She was the first Chief Co-ordinator for a Ford Foundation Archival Project of the Sangeet Research Academy of Calcutta for two years. She has to her credit over a dozen very popular commercial albums brought out in India by HMV, Magnasound, Sony Music, etc. and two abroad by Navras Records of London and Ocora Radio France of Paris. Recently she choreographed, along with her disciples, ‘Agra Gharana – Ek Vatavriksh’ which traced the history and evolution of the Agra Gharana, and which was hailed by the cognoscenti as one of the best presentations ever on a Gharana. Although she has stopped giving public concerts because of a voice problem, she regularly gives erudite Lecture-Demonstrations on various aspects of Hindustani classical music. She has been honoured with lifetime achievement awards from prestigious music organizations.

Li An

国家一级演员,工小生。师承著名昆剧表演艺术家岳美缇、蔡正仁以及周志刚等名师。主演剧目有《湖楼》、《受吐》、《拾画叫画》、《闻铃》、《琴挑》、《断桥》、《百花赠剑》、《评雪辨踪》等。主演大戏有《景阳钟》、《伤逝》、《司马相如》、《牡丹亭》、《长生殿》、《占花魁》、《玉簪记》、《墙头马上》、《白蛇后传》、《贩马记》《龙凤衫》、《紫钗记》等多部大型剧目。曾获第26届中国戏剧”梅花奖”、全国昆剧优秀中青年演员评比展演 “促进昆剧艺术提名奖”、第十五届上海”白玉兰戏剧表演艺术主角奖”、第四届中国昆剧艺术节”优秀青年演员表演奖”(榜首)、第五届中国昆剧艺术节”优秀表演奖”(榜首)、第十届中国艺术节 “优秀表演奖”、上海文艺人才基金”优秀文艺人才奖”、2009年度上海”优秀文艺工作者奖”、 2014年上海市文艺家荣誉奖。

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