Saath-Saath 2017

Hanart TZ Gallery, Central, Hong Kong.

December 1, 2017.

In November-December 2017, Indian classical singers Omkar Havaldar, Rutuja Lad and Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy came to HOng Kong to work with their collaborator, the Cantopop lyricist Chow Yiu-Fai. Building on months of skype exchanges, the Indian singers then sat down with Chow Yiu-Fai and singer/voice coach Natalie Yuen to rehearse a Cantonese song to be rendered in Hindustani melodic form. The major challenge, given the tonal complexity of the Cantonese language, was to match each note in the melody to the correct tone of the word.

Rutuja Lad, Bindhumalini Narayanswamy, Omkarnath Havaldar

Chow Yiu-Fai

Cantonese Vocal Coach / Performer
Natalie Yuen


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